The choice is yours!

Some of our products are available with a cheaper price in a shared instance. That means that you share the application with other users on the same domain. Each user has her own login and your data is not visible to other users, of course, unless you decide to make it public.

We also offer specialized enterprise services if you need more customization and support. Just talk to us and we will find the best solution for you!

Here is a short comparison of the features of a shared vs. a private hosting instance and our enterprise offer:

Shared hosting

Your basic freedom

  • Storage: 2 GB
  • https: Yes
  • Updates: yes
  • Domain:
  • Support: Best effort
  • Backups: hourly - 10 days - 2 servers
  • Number of users: 1

Private hosting

Get the full power

  • Storage: 15 GB
  • https: Yes
  • Updates: yes
  • Domain: Included, choose your own!
  • Technical Support: 1h / month instant response per mail or phone + Best effort afterwards
  • Backups: hourly - 10 days - 2 servers
  • Number of users: depending on the app up to 15


A la carte

  • Storage: unlimited
  • https: Yes (EV)
  • Updates: yes
  • Domain: 1 domain included + bring your own
  • Technical Support: define your SLA
  • Backups: define your SLA
  • Number of users: unlimited
  • Customisation/Training: x hours included
  • Single Sign On

Service Quality

It's been more than a year we are working on IndieHosters. Even though the service is pretty stable we want to warn you that it is still beta. We usually have a monthly uptime of 99.8%.

We hope you like what we are building!

Peter & Pierre